About Us

Clementia Biotech... “Powering life Science Research”

Our slogan very well describes us as life sciences based organization established with an aim of Powering Life Sciences Research across the nation. Clementia Biotech is a global platform cradling more than 1.5 lakh extensive research products from world’s renowned principals and an eminent supplier to research and scientific community in India. 

We are an ISO 9001: 2015 certified organization operating from the capital city of India, New Delhi. Our location complements to connectivity, on time deliveries and also a hub for many government research institutes, hospitals, small and large scale pharmaceutical, food and Dairy industries.

What We Do?

Our Primary goal is to equip research laboratories of India with innovative technology-based products.

We supply superior products and services to support academics, commercial endeavors & discoveries in the area of Immunology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Protein Research, Microbiology, Agriculture, Food and Environment, Nanotechnology & High-Quality Fine Chemicals. 

Our products include ELISA Kits, Polyclonal & Monoclonal Antibodies, Instruments, Recombinant Proteins, Natural Products, Research Diets, Enzymes, Biochemical Assay kits, DNA/RNA Purification Kits, End Point PCR and Real-Time PCR Reagents, Electrophoresis, Cell Culture Media & Supplements, Nano & Microparticles, Instruments and many more.

Whom We Serve...

We are dedicatedly serving life scientist at Government Research Institutes, Universities, Autonomous R&D labs and research institutes, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Companies, Biomedical Research, Food Processing Companies, Medical Institutes and Hospitals etc. 

Some of our valued clients include All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research Central Drug Research Institute, Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, Jawaharlal Nehru University, The Himalaya Drug Company and many more.

Our Team

Clementia biotech has a well-organized team of qualified and experienced peoples acting as its central nervous system. For the prompt, reliable and complete technical solution, we have a technically sound Steam aided with our marketing and business experts. 

We are spread across the country with our strong dealer network, marketing, and sales representatives. 

A Customer focused organization

Clementia Biotech is a customer-focused organization, passionately supporting scientists and researchers with best services and high-quality products. 

We value our customer’s time so we put our best time to understand their needs and convincingly place our products to them. We focus on delivering the richest and most meaningful analytical tools for our customers in the research community for best customer experiences. 

We emphasize on proper storage & transportation temperatures to enhance customer satisfaction. We strive to improve and so we welcome our customer suggestions and feedback.

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