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Cell and Tissue Culture

A cell line is a perpetual entrenched cell culture that will propagate or multiply indefinitely given assigned standard environment and space. A cell culture matures from a distinctive cell and consequently consist of cells with a homogeneous hereditary gene make-up. The cells may be detached from the tissue precisely and disaggregated by automated and enzymatic means before cultivation. Either they may be acquired from a cell strain or cell line that has been previously entrenched. 

The cell line have dominance in top-notch protein expression and modular productivity has revolutionized scientific to generate eminent specialized solutions that enable the bio-pharmaceutical industry to establish the drug discovery and rapidly make marketable innovative biologic-based medicines and vaccines against diseases as such autoimmune, blood, inflammatory diseases, infectious diseases, cancer, testing drug metabolism as well as screening  of anti-cancer drug or invitro screening of several drugs, and to determine cytotoxicity, genetic disorders, ophthalmic diseases, dermatology, synthesis of biological compounds (such as therapeutic proteins) and generation of artificial tissues (such as artificial skin), cell based bioassay and cell fusion techniques.

A some of the most sorted cell lines are Tumor or Normal cells,  HeLa, 293-T, CHO, FM3, ALC, HB54.

Clementia Biotech offers a wide ranges of lab research cell lines from human and animal origins . The cell lines are available in multiple pack sizes. The cell lines are delivered in strict quality and temperature control environment to deliver high grade performance. 

If you have any inquiries about Cell Line please contact our support expert at sales@clementiabiotech.com or 011-27553034.

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