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Elabscience® provides peptide synthesis service of different quality and purity range. The quality can be from mg, g to kg. The purity covers crude, desalted, 70%, 75%?80%?85%?90%?95% and 98%.

Advantages with Elabscience Peptides:-

  • Up to 100aa peptide sequences can be synthesized
  • Variety of peptide modification services
  • Over 95% of synthesis success rate
  • Fastest peptide synthesis speed in the industry
  • All peptides are analyzed by MS and HPLC

Purifications for Peptide residue for 4-25 mer peptides include Crude, Desalted crude, >70%, >75%, >80%, >85%, >90%, >95% & >98%

Packing size available 1-4 mg, 5-9 mg, 10-14 mg, 15-19 mg, 20-24 mg, 25-29 mg, 30-39 mg, 40-49 mg, 50-59 mg, 60-79 mg, 80-100 mg, 200 mg, 300 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg.

* Please contact us the price for peptides below 4 amino acids. 
* Prices of 25 amino acids or above, grams or above, and special polypeptides are subject to inquiry.


Elabscience offers a wide range of modifications to meet any research need.

  • N-Terminal Modifications 
  • C-Terminal Modifications 
  • D-Amino Acids 
  • Unnatural/Unusual amino acids 
  • Fluorescence/Dye Labeling 
  • Stable isotope labeled peptides 
  • Pegylation 
  • Cyclic peptide 
  • Peptide conjugates 

*Please contact us for the prices of different modifications.

Applications of peptides

  • Antibody epitope mapping
  • Monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production
  • Non-quantitative enzyme-substrate studies
  • Biological effects of defined peptides
  • Blocking and competition assays of proteases
  • New techniques for separation by chromatography/electrophoresis
  • Immunization and quantitative receptor-ligand interactions
  • Antibody-antigen interactions
  • ELISA standards for measuring titers of antibodies
  • Epitope mapping Structure, dynamics, and folding of peptides and proteins via NMR

Peptide Synthesis service is an offer by Elabscience. For more details to this service please contact us at support@clementiabiotech.com


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