Recombinant Proteins

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Recombinant Proteins

Recombinant Proteins are proteins that their DNA that has been created artificially. DNA from 2 or more sources which is incorporated into a single recombinant molecule. The DNA is first treated with restriction endonuclease enzyme which the ends of the cut have an overhanging piece of single-stranded DNA. These are called "sticky ends" because they are able to base pair with any DNA molecule containing the complementary sticky end. DNA ligase covalently links the two strands into 1 recombinant DNA molecule.

Recombinant proteins are made through genetic engineering, also called gene splicing or recombinant DNA technology. By putting human, animal or plant genes into the genetic material of bacteria, mammalian or yeast cells, these microorganisms can be used as factories or producers to make proteins for medical, academic and research uses.

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