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Food Analysis

Taking balanced and nutritious food is one of the important requirements of living healthy life.  Contaminated and unsafe food containing harmful chemicals, pathogens, bacteria etc. cause severe health concerns in children, adults elderly and others. Healthy and safe food is like fuel for all the living organisms.  Food safety, nutrition and food security are closely related terms, not only directly impacts the health of human beings, rather it is ‘intricately linked to growth and development of civilization. Secure meals additionally help country wide economies, change and tourism, stimulating sustainable development. The globalization of meals changes, a developing global population. 

Accessibility to safe and nutritious food is one of the major concerns for the present and upcoming generations around the globe. National and international bodies like WHO, FASSAI, FDA have made regulations for mentoring food safety for every individual. 

Clementia biotech cradles a range of ingenious testing solutions from world renowned principals for the qualitative and quantitative detection of mycotoxins, residues, contaminants, hormones, adulterations in food and feeds. 

We offer complete testing kits, reagents, rapid test, ELISA, lateral flow and others for analysing the food samples in research laboratories at government institutes, private – cooperative research, Food and Feed industries etc. Our offered range of products are quality reliable, easy to use, cost effective, time saving backed up by our proficient delivery and after sales product support services. 

The testing kits are available to determine Hormones, Antibiotics, toxins, Oxidative stress, Antioxidants, Allergens, Artificial chemicals, in plant and animal products such as Milk, Oil, Honey, staples, Nuts, Beverages, Egg poultry products.

We have comprehensive range of biochemical kits & reagents. Please contact our support expert at sales@clementiabiotech.com or call us at 011-011-27553034.

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