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Natural Products

The chemical substance derived from living creatures such as microorganisms, mushrooms, animals and plants by phytochemical scrutiny, classification and pharmacological research is termed as Natural products. The Natural product typically involve both the biological or pharmacological activity that can be of curative benefit in conducting diseases and effective way in new discovery of drug compound useful in human resource. The natural product (active component) plays an important role in traditional medicines and modern medicines. Its structural multiplicity surmount easy feasibility by chemical synthesis and its synthetic analogy can be inclined with enhanced safety and potency. In drug discovery, the natural product is considered or often used as starting point. Indeed, the natural product, as an approved drugs is a revelation for the relatively one half of U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Natural products are in the form of Alkaloids, Cerebrosides, Flavonoids, Lipids, Phenols, Quinones, Steroids, Xanthones, Lignans and others) plays a crucial role as biological biomarkers for cancer epidemiology, analysis of pathogenetic mechanisms and study of individual awareness like DNA repair and metabolic polymorphism. The biochemical as bioactive compounds facilitate us to advance a surpass understanding of phytochemical attributes and phytochemical interaction in cellular activities, inclusive of antiproliferative, antioxidant, neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory and antiangiogenic properties.

The natural products  has applicability in various research areas like Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Infection, Metabolic Disease, Neurological Disease and Immunology/Inflammation, Clementia Biotech offers biochemicals that are freshly manufacturer with standardized operation procedure under quality control environment to deliver paramount performance and high purity.

Clementia Biotech offered Natural products and active compounds from the distinctive renowned manufacturer/principal like CSNpharm Inc., USA, ChemFaces, Molnova – USA and others. Available in multiple sizes [milligram (mg) and gram (gm)]. The diverge ranges of popular natural products available with our renowned principals are like Vasicine (CAS No. 6159-55-3), Soyacerebroside I (CAS No. 114297-20-0), Salvigenin (CAS No. 19103-54-9), Annonacin (CAS No. 111035-65-5), Arbutin (CAS No. 497-76-7), Hypericin (CAS No. 548-04-9), α-Estradiol (CAS No. 57-91-0), Isomangiferin (CAS No. 24699-16-9), Licarin B (CAS No.    51020-87-2).

Few hot selling featured Natural products includes Physalin D (CAS No. 54980-22-2), Glycyrin (CAS No. 66056-18-6), Robustine (CAS No. 2255-50-7), Apterin (CAS No. 53947-89-0), Gomisin N (CAS No. 69176-52-9), Norwogonin, (CAS No. 4443-09-8), Oridonin (Cas No: 28957-04-2), Paradol (CAS No.: 27113-22-0), Hyaluronic acid (CAS No.: 9004-61-9).

If you have any inquiries in regard to natural products, please contact our support expert at sales@clementiabiotech.com or 011-27553034.

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