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RNA Isolation

RNA, a Ribonucleic acid is polymer of nucleotides. It plays crucial biological roles in coding, decoding, regulation and expression of genetic information. The RNA macromolecule consists of single-strand which is folded onto itself. RNA is mainly found in the cytoplasm of the cell even though it is generally synthesized in the nucleus. RNA have both genetic and catalytic properties.

There are 4 main types of RNA developed from their own set of genes including (1) mRNA - Messenger RNA, (2) tRNA - Transfer RNA, (3) rRNA - Ribosomal RNA & (4)  snRNA - Small nuclear RNA. The four RNA type functions differently as the mRNA encodes amino acid sequence of a polypeptide, the tRNA brings amino acids to ribosomes during translation, the rRNA along with ribosomal proteins makes up the ribosomes which translate the mRNA and snRNA (Small nuclear RNA) in combination with specific protein forms complexes in eukaryotes to process RNA. In eukaryotic cell rRNA account for 80%  of the total RNA present in the cell.  

To obtain good quality RNA challenges comes the way as the isolated RNA quality may be compromised due to genomic DNA contamination, degradation of RNA during process or storage, inhibitors in the RNA and low yields of RNA, few to name. RNA isolation procedure is critical as the ribonuclease enzymes which exists in cells and tissues can rapidly degrade RNA. In such particular cases RNase inhibitors inhibits and control for such contaminants. Some commercially available kits provide RNAse inhibitor to maintain quality of RNA isolated. 

Different methods can be applied to RNA isolation or purification from research samples this include phenol-chloroform extraction method, spin column purification method, and the use of magnetic beads. The major disadvantages of phenol extraction method is the possible contamination of the RNA preparation with phenol. Spin column purification and magnetic beads  methods have advantage over it as the commercially available ready to use kits provides phenol free RNA in simple and fast way.

Our offered RNA Isolation kits / RNA Purification Kits are spin column based kits, delivering phenol free, high quality total RNA irrespective of size or GC content. The kits are convenient to use & fast to process multiple samples in short time. The kits are suitable to isolate RNA from cells, blood, plasma/serum, saliva, CSF, Tissue, formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue samples, soil, fecal, and water samples. The RNA purified by kits is suitable for a variety of downstream applications, including Small RNA Sequencing.

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