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Protein is the utmost plenteous biological molecules of the living system and plays a fascinating role in functional and structural constitution of the cell inclusive of cell growth, intercellular communication, nutrient uptake, apoptosis, gene expression and proliferation. The proteins that are developed from the articulation of recombinant DNA within living cells are termed recombinant proteins.

The recombinant protein is a protein encoded by gene (rDNA) that been imitated in a system that support exhibition of gene and translational messenger Ribonucleic acid. The first recombinant protein was used as recombinant insulin of human in the year 1982. In making of recombinant protein, gene is segregated and reproduced into an articulation vector. 

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Currently, there are heterogeneity of systems for expressing recombinant proteins in both cell-free systems and cell-based (into eukaryotic and prokaryotic systems). The 5 utmost frequently used articulation approaches are:

Recombinant protein expression in yeast
Recombinant protein expression in vitro
Recombinant protein expression in mammalian cells
Recombinant protein expression in E. coli
Recombinant protein expression in insect-Baculovirus

The recombinant protein is beneficial tool in recognition of protein- protein interaction and substantiated pursuance in distinct laboratory techniques such as enzymatic assay, western blot, ELISA and immunochemistry (IHC). And the industry of recombinant protein has grown up promptly and being used in a worldwide progress in the fields of biomedical and biotechnology research.

The recombinant protein are available as interleukins, hematopoietic growth factor, bone/tissue clotting factors, interferon, thrombolytic drug, tumor necrosis factor, hormone, blood clotting factor and enzyme for disease research in the area of cerebral apoplexy, asthma, neutropenia, anemia, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, thrombocytopenia, cancer therapies, rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease, recombinant protein vaccine, scaffolds of protein for tissue engineering. Recombinant protein is also used in the production of pharmaceutical product, biological response modifiers, monoclonal/diagnostic/therapeutic antibodies, drug delivery protein-based polymer. |
Clementia Biotech offers a wide range of 6,000+ recombinant proteins for your research. The recombinant proteins are available for research into areas of cancer, immunology, development biology, metabolism, neuroscience, cell biology and many others. These recombinant proteins are freshly manufacturer with standardized operation procedure under quality control environment to deliver paramount performance and purity.

Clementia Biotech offers finest quality of recombinant proteins from brand manufacturers ProSpec, Elabscience, Fine Test, Cloud Clone and others. The diverge ranges of popular recombinant proteins available with our renowned principals are like Recombinant Human IL-8/CXCL8 Protein (Fc Tag), Recombinant Human CD82/KAI-1 Protein (His Tag), Recombinant Human NGAL/Lipocalin-2 Protein (His Tag)(Active), Interleukin-9 Mouse Recombinant, Insulin Human Recombinant, Epidermal Growth Factor Human Recombinant and many more.

If you have any inquiries about recombinant proteins please contact our support expert at sales@clementiabiotech.com or 011-27553034.

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