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We are happy to welcome you as our customer, and would like to assure that you enjoy making purchase with us. Below are frequently asked questions to help you with the information . If you do not find your answer here, please feel free to contact us at support@clementiabiotech.com

How to store ELISA Kits?

ELISA Kits need to be stored at 4-8 degree C fro short time. For long duration, refer to the kit manual for storage condiitons of content reagents to store accordingly.

Why biochemical is delivered at RT?

As per manufacturer's instructions, shipping of most biochemcials is done on RT untill and unless it is specifically cautioned for dry ice shipping.

How to dilute antibody for a application?

Application specific dilutions & recomended buffer is mentioned on the data sheet leaflet of the antibody. User please make dilutions as per the need and store at the specified temperature.

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