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Bioassay Kits

A Bioassay or Biochemical Assay is a simple and reliable analytical test to measure various parameters in cellular processes. The test can be applied to measure Biomarkers, Amino acids, Inorganic salt ion, Lipids, Organic Acids, produced by cells and to measure activity of various enzymes concern to cellular processing.  

These bioassays are useful to perform research in the areas of Blood Chemistry, Urine Chemistry, determination of Cations and Anions, Diabetes Research, TCA cycle,  Enzyme Activity, Inhibtors Screening, Liver function, Renal function, Metabolism, Oncology, Oxidative Stress, Lipid metabolism, Signal Transduction, Environment, Agriculture, Food & Beverages,  Plant stress resistance,  and others. 

The bioassay kits offered have following advantages: 

1.    Extensively tested and validated
2.    Simple and fast to operation steps 
3.    High sensitivity,  precision and accuracy 
4.    Good reproducibility
5.    Applicable to general lab samples as well as other samples 
6.    Having application to multiple areas of research

Clementia Biotech offers more than 250 different bioassay kits. Products are extensively tested and validated by manufacturer prior to release to help researchers to optimise assay in little or no time. Suitable wide range of lab samples, the kits can be operated on any one or more instruments as Microplate reader, Spectrophotometer (Visible range and UV), Biochemistry analyzer, Fluorescence Microplate reader, Fluorescence Spectrophotometer, Fluorescence microscope, Flow cytometer and others. 

We offer Bioassay kits from popular brands Bioassay Systems, Elabsciences, Abbexa, Bioquochem, Fine Test and others. 

Please contact us at support@clementiabiotech.com to suggest and quote ELISA kit of your research requirements. 

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