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Aobious Inc.

Aobious Inc. provides innovative small biologically active molecules to the research market in the world. The products include Pathway Inhibitors, Activators, Pathway Inhibitors, Receptor Ligands, Transcription Factors, Cytokines & Chemokines.

All of Aobious efforts remains to bring in more innovative products at an affordable price. They have built reputation based on the quality of the products and customer satisfaction. 
The company mission is to provide scientists with a brand new experience for the purchase of research chemicals for their research without the usual hustle involved in inquiring for a quotation on the price or availability in stock.

Clementia Biotech is authorized Indian distributor of Aobious inc to promote, supply and support for their products. We welcome your inquiries for Aobious products. For details and support please contact our support expert at support@clementiabiotech.com or call us at 011-27553034

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