Recombinant Proteins

Recombinant Proteins

The recombinant protein is a protein encoded by gene (rDNA) that been imitated in a system that support exhibition of gene and translational messenger Ribonucleic acid. In making of recombinant protein, gene is segregated and reproduced into an articulation vector. 

The recombinant protein are available as interleukins, hematopoietic growth factor, bone/tissue clotting factors, interferon, thrombolytic drug, tumor necrosis factor, hormone, blood clotting factor and enzyme for remedial treatment of extensive disease such as cerebral apoplexy, asthma, neutropenia, anemia, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, thrombocytopenia, cancer therapies, rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease, recombinant protein vaccine, scaffolds of protein for tissue engineering. Recombinant protein is also used in the production of pharmaceutical product, biological response modifiers, monoclonal/diagnostic/therapeutic antibodies, drug delivery protein-based polymer. 


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