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Arigo Biolaboratories

Arigo Biolaboratories Corp. is a global provider of Smart Solutions (Antibody Duos, Antibody Panels and ELISA Kits) allowing researchers to accelerate experiments with convincing results. Arigo also manufactures a big variety of ELISA kits to meet the needs in the emerging research. 

They specilise in most comprehensive collection of Antibody Duos and Antibody Panels. Pathway duos identifies protein-protein relationships, PTM duos detect total and modified form of target proteins, Control duos and ELISA duos accelerate experimental procedures. Antibody Panels consist of several antibodies grouped together according to their scientific relevance.

Clementia Biotech is authorized Indian distributor of Arigo Biolaboratories to promote, supply and support for their products. We welcome your inquiries for Arigo Bio products. For details and support please contact our support expert at support@clementiabiotech.com or call us at 011-27553034



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