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ELK Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

ELK Biotechnology is a high-tech biological enterprise, specialise in life science, professional in Immune research. With a portfolio of around 8,000+ ELISA kits, 11,000+Antibodies and 50+ kinds of Molecular Biology reagents and Cell experiment related products. ELK Biotechnology is good source of research reagents for life science technologies, they have been extending the product line for customer's needs.

ELK Biotechnology own 1,000 square meters lab, We own independent cell culture room and an SPF animal room, specializing in the introduction and research and development of morphological pathology, cell biology, molecular biology, protein immunology, and model animal related products. Since its inception, the company's team members have participated in several medical biology research projects and the National Natural Science Foundation project. And to establish cooperative relations with many enterprises and scientific research institutions across the country, to provide the highest quality and most efficient experimental services for each scientific researcher. 

Clementia Biotech is authorized Indian distributor of ELK Biotechnology to promote, supply and support for their products. We welcome your inquiries for ELK Biotechnology products. For details and support please contact our support expert at support@clementiabiotech.com or call us at 011-27553034

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