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Molnova is a global bio-tech enterprise, specializing in chemical and biological research products and service to meet the research needs of global customers. Molnova has evolved into one of the biggest global compounds and peptides supplier with over 9000 products from over 20 singnaling pathways and 400 targets. They carry a broad product line over different research areas such as cancer, infection, immunology, neurosciences, apoptosis and metabolic disorder, etc.

Molnova offers a wide range of high quality research chemicals including novel life-science reagents, inhibitors, peptides, activator, APIs and natural compounds for scientific use. Molnova also provides cutting edge custom services including chemical synthesis, peptide synthesis, drug screening and contract research services. Innovation plays a key role in our company progress. 

Clementia Biotech is authorized Indian promoter for Molnova Inc to promote, supply and support for their products. We welcome your inquiries for Molnova products. For details and support please contact our expert at support@clementiabiotech.com or call us at 011-27553034

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